Answered By: Anthony Guardado
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2021     Views: 320

You should be able to print up to 50 (fifty) printed sides of paper from the RRC Library printers at a time. This means that if you are printing a single-sided document, you should be able to print up to 50 sheets of paper in any single "job". If you print double sided that will use 25 sheets of paper (50 sides).

Printing multiple copies of a document also counts toward the 50 page limit, so for example you should be able to print up to 10 copies of a 5-page document in one print-job but you would not be able to print 11 copies. You could print 10 copies of the 5-page document then 1 more as a separate print job assuming you have enough print credits remaining.

For all printing in the RRC Library you must use the Print Release Station located adjacent to the library's printer.

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