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Last Updated: Jul 05, 2024     Views: 47

In most of our databases, and on our catalog, you’ll see “Add to folder”. This is a function similar to a shopping cart on other websites. Gather your needed items all in one place, temporarily, before you do something with them.

Most of our interfaces will allow you to gather items into a folder, then from there you might be able to print, export all the citations together, download all the articles together, or share them all with someone else.

Most of those same interfaces will automatically empty the folder when you leave (just as many websites empty the shopping cart), so be sure to act on the folder before you leave the database or catalog. It will most likely not save your items for you. Some might save the list, just as some sites save your cart for you, but that’s not common so it’s wise to export, print, or save it to a more assured and reliable place like a jump drive or a citation management software.